Planning & Architecture module

To build a house, you need building plans. The more complex the building, the more detailed these plans need to be. Careful planning is just as important in an IT project.
A new system or custom software needs to be designed so that it can grow with the company. The system or software architecture therefore needs to be accurately thought through and documented. Similarly, interventions in the existing IT landscape require a structured procedure. Today's systems and applications are networked and complex, so even the smallest changes to the configuration or programming can have a far-reaching impact.

Our strengths lie in the careful planning and development of system and software architectures that meet their specific tasks and can be smoothly integrated in the surrounding systems, applications and processes. In the design phase, we are already considering security-related factors.

Our complete portfolio

  • Analysis – your current IT situation
  • Design – Individual solutions offer optimum results
  • Installation – Converting your existing systems
  • Test – Productive operation following successful testing
  • Training – Independence through knowledge
  • Monitoring – Assuring quality