Coordination & Controlling module

With our knowledge and many years of experience, we are able to support our customers across the whole project – from the analysis of the actual situation, the design phase and implementation right through to the long-term monitoring of all system components and applications.

It is extremely important for us to understand our customers' internal processes and incorporate this knowledge in our comprehensive consulting and coordination services. In all projects, we focus on an economic approach and quality assurance.

Our strengths lie in an analytical procedure, structured project coordination, cost optimization and the minimization of risks.

During controlling, we help our customers identify areas of potential optimization within the IT landscape and, if required, we take on control of the change processes.

When selecting suitable measures, we always ensure the appropriateness of the solutions for the business purpose and the economic feasibility of their implementation. A reduction of internal and/or external coordination expense also plays a central role in these considerations.

Our activities include:

  • Design of qualitative and quantitative control instruments
  • Alignment of controlling key figures to strategic targets
  • Coordination of information flows
  • Moderation of the analysis and interpretation of the results
  • Support for implementation of management strategies