Analysis & Consulting module

An accurate analysis of the actual situation is crucial to the success of an IT project, and we can provide support for this if required. After an accurate investigation of the existing infrastructure, we concentrate on our customers' specific requirements, and always consider the overall situation and the feasibility of the solutions.

Our analyses take account of company processes and the IT infrastructure and cover, among other things, the following aspects:

  • Actual situation (as a whole)
  • Infrastructure analysis (systems and applications)
  • Requirements (internal and external)
  • Feasibility (technical and economic)
  • Analysis of protection requirements (security)
We specialize in technology-neutral consulting services, as this enables us to identify the optimum solution; in consultation with our customers, we are able to choose the best technology for the case in hand. Our advice here is never biased towards a particular manufacturers or products.

Our customers value both our extensive expert knowledge and our consulting skills, which are based on many years of project experience. In our company, we have a solid knowledge of the following industries, among others: banking, insurance, automotive, the public sector (e-government), telecommunications and B2B and IT services. This provides us with a better understanding of our customers' industry-specific processes.