System and application security

The sooner security requirements are included in the project planning and implementation of an IT system or application, the more efficiently and cost-effectively they can be achieved. Security should be of particular importance for the implementation of e-commerce solutions, in voice-over IP installations and for the implementation of internet-based applications. It is necessary to consider the security factors relating both to processes (workflow security) and to content (content security).

We provide comprehensive support for our customers during the introduction of all relevant technical security measures with emphasis on the following activities:

  • Implementation of secure, verifiable workflows
  • Installation and management of multi-level firewall solutions
  • Use of intrusion protection systems
  • Integration of virus protection measures
  • Introduction of a digital signature
  • Setup of public key infrastructures
  • Implementation of cryptographic solutions
All the technical measures must always be harmonized with the existing organizational structures. Here, it is important to designate responsibilities and define ongoing checking and maintenance processes. If required, we also support our customers during the initiation of organizational measures, as part of the implementation phase or in the form of long-term support.