Our security consulting

Our consulting services are based on a comprehensive analysis of existing systems or sub-systems that takes account of both technical and organizational factors. We concentrate on three key focus topics here:

  • Consideration of the corporate structure including responsibilities, analysis of internal processes and external communication interfaces
  • Consideration of the complete infrastructure with its individual systems
  • Separate analysis of individual systems and their inbound and outbound communication channels
Today, most companies are aware that communication over the internet carries with it numerous security risks. The internal network is often regarded as secure, but here too, there may be significant security gaps. For example, trojans can enter the internal network unobserved and then do considerable damage there.

Our experience shows that in this respect, consideration of the internal organization is just as important as an analysis of external threats. The "human factor" must be taken into account at every step here.

Based on our analysis, we advise our customers on the definition of security goals and the design of an IT security concept and on the implementation of concrete security measures. We constantly check which steps are appropriate and useful for the company in question.

Our services include:

  • Business process analysis and risk evaluation
  • Analyses of protection requirements
  • Impact analyses
  • Development of IT security concepts

Security at every level
Security analysis
  • Identification of security-relevant business processes and potential threats
  • Determination of protection requirements for systems, applications, processed information and stored data
  • Analysis of existing technical, organizational and physical security measures
  • Security consulting based on this information
Security policy
  • Definition of security goals at strategic level
  • This includes for example legal and operational requirements, tasks and responsibilities within the security organization
Security concept
  • Definition of security rules at tactical level (personal security, physical and environment-related security etc.)
  • Creation of an IT security concept that defines all the organizational and technical measures for establishing and maintaining the security level appropriate for the company
Security measures
  • Implementation of concrete measures and tools at operational level
  • Regular support and controlling
  • Employee training
  • Security audits