INTERSECURITY ®  –  [] business division

Business-critical applications require a powerful infrastructure, expert support and comprehensive protection – around the clock.

The outsourcing of applications is an economically sensible alternative for companies that do not have the necessary systems and specialist knowledge. Our high-end platform is flexibly scalable, is available to our customers and is supported and monitored by our trustworthy staff around the clock.

Our systems are located in professional computer centers. Suitable security measures, such as multi-layer firewalls, virus scanners, encryption techniques and backups, ensure the highest degree of data security and protect against unauthorized access by third parties.

We ensure maximum availability through multiple redundant systems and optimum load balancing. Professional monitoring routines and short response times make sure operation is as free from disruptions as possible.

Your benefits:
  • Support from experienced specialists
  • High security standards for data, applications and systems
  • Maximum availability
  • Flexibility and scalability